HoopGaming: Side Quest Episode 6 – I’ve never seen someone do something so well with a monkey!

The Hoop crew are back after a long hiatus as we were at E3! That’s not even a little bit true we’re just super lazy. But we did watch some E3 on youtube so we figure we’re experts now.

We’re joined again by Hoop contributor Stephen Grubner (with a special guest appearance from Sparrow the cat) to talk about all the exciting things from E3 2017 like awkward voice acting, the smash hit platformer Gex, beating up H.P.Lovecraft and many more.

Also, sorry about the crappy sound quality. Chris is an idiot and recorded through the mic on his Mac instead of the mic he spent all his money on specifically for recording podcasts. He’s super fired now.

E3 Recap website

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