Overwatch World Cup 2017, Shanghai Group Stage – Come on Eileen

The first qualifier of the Overwatch world cup kicked off on the weekend of the 14th with teams battling it out for a spot in the finals at Blizzcon later this year. Following three days of intense competition, China, Norway, Rogue…err sorry, France, and Thailand found themselves at the top of the two groups despite strong showings from Hong Kong, Romania, Denmark, and Argentina. China, favoured to win without a single game lost to this point, is first to play for a Blizzcon spot up against Thailand. Mouse over a player name to see what hero they’re on at the time. I’m pretty sure I got them mostly right…


Match 1 – Round 1


China Attacking, Thailand Defending

Thailand setting up their defence of the first point after having come off of a 4-0 win over Argentina must be feeling quietly confident although I expect the chanting from the crowd (very much in favour of home team China) must be shaking some nerves. Thailand is running oPuTo on Sombra, something they’ve done throughout the competition so far and with good reason as the first pick is his as uNdeAD’s Tracers falls to him and KeRLos Ana. China is unfazed however as Eileen dives in to remove NzNr on Tracer before he can do too much damage. oPuTo locks down the small health pack in the cafe but it doesn’t slow China down as Shy and mg quickly burn through Mickie’s D.va. With Thailand’s 2nd tank, Teetawatv3 on Winston, busy with Shy, China is able to eliminate both of Thailands healers, Pannys and KeRLos, the momentum too much for Thailand as oPuTo and Teetawatv3 fall shortly after. A last ditch effort to stall by NzNr is met with the full force of the 5 remaining members of team China quickly shutting him down and giving them the first point capture with a huge roar from the crowd and 5:38 to make it to the next checkpoint.

China’s advance between the set pieces on Hollywood is steady and unrelenting. Teetawatv3 is quickly punished for being out of position and, with one tank down, Thailand are unable to force China off of the payload, particularly with Eileen’s aggressive pursuit of anyone brave enough to venture too close. A big push from Thailand just before the payload reaches checkpoint two is met with extremely stiff resistance. KeRLos’s Nanoboost on Teetawatv3 is not enough to save him as the debuff from Shy allows china to take him down in seconds. With Teetawatv3 down again Eileen leaps from atop the prison and unleashes his dragonblade, the first strike almost killing KeRLos and Mickie outright. Pannys drops a sound barrier but it’s too late for Mickie as Eileen dashes through him, biting off his last sliver of health then shifting his attention to the dropper of the beat himself. Pannys is sliced to ribbons and the remainder of Thailand is crushed under the weight of China’s main force on the payload giving them the cap and 5:10 to make it to the end.

I couldn’t grab a good screenshot of Eileen but this is apparently a thing that exists

As the doors open Eileen, YaoYao, mg, and uNdeAD push forward all the way up to the endzone. Unfortunately for them no picks are made and Eileen falls to a Pulse Bomb from NzNr while mg receives a fatal level of tinnitus from Pannys. oPuTo, still holding his EMP, pounces on a sleeping uNdeAD leaving YaoYao, Shy, and 5King to defend the payload alone. The fallen members of team China quickly return from the nearby spawn as YaoYao leaps to the high ground, ult nearly ready for what could be a big play. He jumps down to the midst of Thailands team within his bubble but is immediately put to sleep by a well placed dart from KeRLos. YaoYao is taken down quickly but at the cost of NzNr. Teetawatv3 tries the same thing as YaoYao and unleashes his angry inner scientist however the combined damage from China is too much to take as he’s burned through in moments followed quickly by the loss of Mickie, Pannys, and oPuTo. KeRLos, attempting to fall back to spawn, is intercepted by uNdeAD and falls mere inches from safety. The left hand spawn heavily covered now Thailand still somehow make it through, not unscathed, to attempt to contest the payload (which is now within two meters of the final point). What they didn’t see was Eileen waiting just around the corner. The dragonblade comes out and Eileen shows us just why his Genji is not to be trifled with as Mickie and his mech are turned to scrap followed shortly by Teetawatv3 and poor Pannys, mid beat drop, is sliced in two. Shy and uNdeAD remove NzNr and oPuTo from play and China take the first round with 3:32 left on the clock.

Match 1 – Round 2


Thailand Attacking, China Defending

Thailand begin their first assault quickly taking out Eileen, this time running Sombra, while he was attempting to sneak around the back line. A well timed hack from oPuTo robs mg of the use of his defence matrix. Without the added safety it provides Thailand are able to take out uNdeAD, 5King, and YaoYao losing only KeRLos in the melee. Another hack from oPuTo on mg leaves him defenceless as he’s finally taken out leaving the point uncontested as Thailand cap with 5:34 to take them to checkpoint 2.

Thailand begin the escort with the ult advantage, KeRLos oPuTo and NzNr already prepared with only a few percentage points left for the remainder of the team. Eileen beats oPuTo to the punch and turns out the lights with his EMP while uNdeAD follows up with his tactical visor. NzNr and KeRLos fall under the barrage but oPuTo is able to fire up his own EMP in the midst of China’s forces and push mg out of his mech. Meanwhile Teetawatv3 has forced uNdeAD away from the party with his big angry scientist fists, finishes him off, and leaps back to join the fray. The pressure from uNdeAD’s assault however has pushed Thailand off the payload and poor HAL-Fred Glitchbot is left unmoving in his limo outside the saloon. A couple of trades leave Thailand slightly ahead and the limo keeps moving. Barely ten feet though and China are back with a nanoboosted Winston in the hands of YaoYao. KeRLos thinks he could do with a nap and pops YaoYao with a sleepdart but a missplay from the rest of the Thailand team has him awake immediately to wreck havok. YaoYao smashes through KeRLos, Pannys, and oPuTo while NzNr is taken down off screen. Zero suit Mickie tries to get the hell out of dodge but catches a sleepdart to the back. Team China leave him to lie on the ground and think about what he’s done for a few moments before finishing him off, staggering his spawn time and costing Thailand precious seconds. For the next push oPuTo manages to sneak into the Pioneer Hotel and get off another hack on mg (that must be getting irritating). Thailand use that opportunity to start their push in earnest with the beat dropping from Pannys and Teetawatv3 going primal rage. He forces Shy into the prison as he misses a crucial sleep dart which could have turned the tide back to Chinas favour. Teetawatv3 slams him into the cell and beats him to a messy Egyptian pulp. While all this is going on oPuTo has unleashed his EMP to help Mickie take out uNdeAD and YaoYao as Teetawatv3 leaps back to help the team deal with mg to leave the payload uncontested. As China respawns Eileen rushes through the left hand door to try and set up another big defence with an EMP but makes it to the payload a millisecond too late as Thailand cap giving them 3:18 to get to the final point.

Promotional shot of Oputo before the competition

China, already having a guaranteed time advantage if Thailand make it to the end, opt for falling back around the corner. The first big engagement ends with both teams’ Winstons falling but China manages to push Thailand back despite being at a number disadvantage with Eileen being taken out early. China manages to defend another push from Thailand only using up 5King’s sound barrier as the pressure from uNdeAD and YaoYao is too much for Thailand to handle and they’re forced to disengage losing Pannys and Teetawatv3. With 1min left things aren’t looking good for Thailand but they are coming into their next push with a big ult advantage as all but Mickie are ready to unleash hell. Quantity does not necessarily trump quality though as Eileen makes his way to the middle of the pack to pop his EMP. He’s taken down quickly but with abilities and ults locked away Thailand are vulnerable. China take full advantage of this and uNdeAD and Shy bust out the nana-visor. Mickie, oPuTo, and KeRLos fall to uNdeAD’s attack and denies Thailand’s hope of a successful push. Pannys tries to make it back to his buddies but uNdeAD’s got the blood lust and finishes him off before he can skate to safety. With 40 seconds left on the clock it’s do or die for Thailand. Thailand now bite back with an EMP of their own by oPuTo catching out Eileen and mg who are quickly taken care of. With less than 3 meters left the Overtime clock kicks in and Mickie busts out the tactical visor. Nestled between the crates he takes out both of China’s healers with the rest of the team removing uNdeAD and YaoYao. Eileen has switched to Genji to get back to the point and get some damage out and manages to kill KeRLos however, mg is the only one left for China on the payload and he’s looking awfully mechless. Eileen dashes in to try and help but it’s too little too late as oPuTo and Pannys take them both out and the point is capped in overtime for Thailand.

Match 1 – Overtime


China Attacking, Thailand Defending

Thailand now have to hold China off of point A for three and a half minutes, a very tall order considering both teams managed to take the first point in far less. The bulk of China’s forces attack the main choke but while their backs are turned Eileen, on Genji, sneaks through the security room and starts hucking shurikens at the group. The momentum instantly shifts for China as Thailand’s attention is split, Eileen takes out both Mickie and Teetawatv3 leaving Thailand tankless as uNdeAD blinks around behind to deal with oPuTo. With discord orbs and shurikens flying the remainder of Thailands team don’t stand a chance as KeRLos and NzNr kick the bucket and Shy shows Pannys the true path to enlightenment. Teetawatv3 doesn’t have enough time to make it back to the point before China get the first tick giving them the first game.

Match 2 – Round 1

Lijiang – Gardens

Shy has decided to switch off of Ana in favour of Zenyatta for this match in the hopes that the extra damage output and healing ult will facilitate a quick victory for China. The two teams clash in the middle with uNdeAD quickly being taken down by a focused assault from Thailand. mg and Eileen manage to focus down Mickie leaving Thailand without their powerful D.va while China loses Shy to NzNr. Eileen ensures harmony is preserved however with a dash through Thailand’s forces to remove their own Zenyatta in KeRLos. This forces Thailand to retreat back across their bridge and a hack on Eileen from oPuTo is just too late to stop him dashing back to the safety of the rest of his team resulting in an early capture for China. Thailand take a moment to regoup for another push at 58%. As their forces storm the bridge Shy senses an EMP from oPuTo and pops his transendence, oPuTo however knew this was coming and slyly holds off. Thailand’s team manage to stay standing until Shy’s holy light fades then it’s all on. The EMP comes out and YaoYao, Eileen and Shy are felled almost immediately as NzNr blinks behind to take down mg and uNdeAD, finally chasing 5King over the bridge for a team wipe for the first flip for Thailand at 63%. Cheers luv.

Thailand are on maximum alert awaiting China’s retaliation, NzNr sees the bulk of the forces opting for the rear flank instead of the bridge. Here we’re treated to a rare moment of Eileen not nailing his deflect resulting in him and 5King getting blasted by a pulse bomb. China attempt the cap again, splitting their forces around the point but Thailand are ready to respond with some more well timed support ultimates driving China back once again and allowing Thailand to overtake them in capture percentage. uNdeAD makes it around the back side of the point to try and shut down oPuTo before another EMP goes off but doesn’t quite make it. China clearly don’t need abilities (or they didn’t for a few seconds at least) and manage to contest the point until they can kick off their support ultimates giving them time to take out both tanks and Pannys’ Lucio flipping the point back with Thailand having made it to 95%.

The first big push from Thailand comes just as the timer ticks in to overtime. China burn a pulse bomb and self destruct on Thailands advancing forces but only just manage to catch Mickie in the blast (pushing him off the edge…how embarrassing!). KeRLos and Pannys again show off some superb timing in their support ultimates giving Thailand enough room to take out uNdeAD, Eileen and YaoYao, the other half of team China falling soon after allowing Thailand to retake the point once more.

With the point flipped back to Thailand in overtime and only 5 more percentage points for them to face the first round China need to step up. uNdeAD blinks in and out of the point the best he can to keep the overtime clock ticking but isn’t quick enough to avoid the hack from oPuTo and falls quickly with his chronal accelerator on the fritz. mg manages to fly into the point and set off his self destruct for the hope of some kills or at least to zone the rest of Thailand off long enough but Thailand manage to avoid the blast with no issue, punishing mg for his troubles. The overtime clock doesn’t seem to be going down though as the buzzing you can hear is not a massive Lijiang mosquito but 5King skating his ass around the top of the point. Eileen flies in to catch the sound barrier from 5King and unleashes the dragon blade. This could be it for Thailand but, against all odds Eileen doesn’t find a single kill with his sword and is killed by NzNr. 5King still buzzing about the point requires some heavy ordinance so Mickie drops the self destruct blasting him and uNdeAD to bits. The buzzing stopped the overtime timer quickly blinks away giving the first round to Thailand.

lucio contesting

lucio hissing
Actual footage of 5King (via disteal.tumblr.com)

Match 2 – Round 2

Night Market

Thailand, now as close as anyone has been to taking a game from China at this point in the competition, are met with a very aggressive attack pushing them back into their side of the point straight off the bat. oPuTo manages to get his ult ready before anyone on team China and drops it right on the point. He’s taken down by YaoYao for his troubles but so is all of team China giving the first cap to Thailand.

China come back hard, having not used any ultimates in the first push they’re positioned comfortably. uNdeAD dives in to try and get a pulse bomb off but it’s devoured by Mickie’s defence matrix leaving it to Eileen to try and turn the fight around. The dragonblade is unleashed but is met with a transcendence from KeRLos. He manages to take out NzNr who strays outside of the iris then tries to take Mickie but he’s just too tough. Not all is lost though as YaoYao and Shy manage to take out their counterparts Teetawatv3 and KeRLos. The difference in numbers is enough to shift the balance as Eileen and Undeed clean up the rest of Thailand’s team allowing them to flip the point as it ticks over to 66% for Thailand.

China lose both YaoYao and uNdeAD quickly to Thailands next push. Eileen tries for another dragonblade but it’s yet again countered by one of Thailand’s support ults, this time a sound barrier from Pannys. He’s not able to break through the funky beats in time before the funkyness overcomes him and he’s taken down by Pannys himself. Thailand’s supports are really turning it out as a burst shot from KeRLos catches uNdeAD unawares leaving China DPSless. China drop both their support ultimates in the hopes of keeping everyone alive while their damage dealers make it back but KeRLos responds in kind with a transcendence of his own, just managing to mitigate a pulse bomb from uNdeAD as he blinks back to the point. Thailand’s focus now shift to China’s tanks, quickly dispatching both mg and YaoYao forcing the rest of China off the point stopping their progress at 52%.

With the percentage aproaching 90% for Thailand China jump in once again. uNdeAD blinks in and out of Thailands forces keeping them occupied but doesn’t mange to get any picks before he’s roadkill under Mickie’s big old D.va legs. With the focus on uNdeAD however YaoYao manages to down oPuTo and KeRLos and with Eileen dashing through Pannys, NzNr, and Teetawatv3 the point will flip back to China just as it ticks to 99% for Thailand.

China know by now that a well placed EMP by oPuTo could turn the tide, and with Thailand already at 99% they’re quite content with having the tide unturned thank you very much. uNdeAD sneaks around the side of the point to try and capture oPuTo unawares with a pulse bomb but manages to stick it to KeRLos instead (still good!). KeRLos manages to back away from his team minimising the damage as uNdeAD recalls to saftey. As this happens more of China’s frontline come out to face Thailand in the field, forcing oPuTo to use his EMP. It’s enough to take out YaoYao and uNdeAD But Teetawatv3 and Mickie are caught up in the melee forcing the remainder to fall back as the clock ticks to 80% for China. The next push comes as the overtime counter ticks on. A self destruct from Mickie goes just a bit far outside the point not causing any trouble for China’s defence but it’s enough for 5King and Shy to set off their ultimates. Empowered, it’s time for another dragonblade from Eileen. Another (dang) sound barrier from Pannys means he’s only able to take out oPuTo but without a hacker YaoYao is able to go Primal Rage and deal with Teetawatv3 and Pannys, destroying Mickie’s mech as he just manages to eject back to safety (well, not safety but he didn’t fall to his death at least). Left with only NzNr and zero suit Mickie to defend the point uNdeAD and Eileen quickly clean house giving round 2 to China.

Match 2 – Round 3

Control Tower

Both teams come in hot on this final round of Lijiang tower with Eileen meeting team Thailand head on to try and dish out some damage to get that dragonblade charged. He get’s to about 20% before a hack comes in from oPuTo. Luckily control tower has a lot of verticality that Eileen can take advantage of with Genji’s passive wall run and double jump so he scoots off to saftey. Thailand loses KeRLos to some cheeky flanking from uNdeAD and NzNr drops to a boop from 5King resulting in Thailand pulling back and the fist cap going to China.

uNdeAD’s positioning is divine, even managing to out manouver an invisible oPuTo who doesn’t manage to find any other target. Blinking in and out of the hallways he’s seemingly everywhere at once, him and Shy managing to take down NzNr, KeRLos and Teetawatv3 denying their first big attempt at a retake of the point. Another  big push as China approach 70% starts to see the two teams trading ultimates. oPuTo is ready for an EMP but is kept mostly busy on the flanks by uNdeAD. Support ultimates go off for both teams with Thailand’s sound barrier able to eat most of the damage from Eileen’s dragonblade who manages to kill Pannys in the end for his troubles. Both teams only having lost one member Thailand is still not able to break through China’s defences, trapped between Eileen on one side and uNdeAD on the other. Falling back Eileen takes advantage of his enemies exposed behinds and dashes into their midst, killing Mickie and KeRLos. The clock ticks into overtime and Thailand need to decide if they go in hard sans one tank and healer or try and delay in the hope of a full push. NzNr blinks around the point to try and keep that clock ticking but all the speed in the world is no match for Shy’s discord and YaoYao’s tesla cannon. This continues as each member of Thailand’s team that jumps onto the point gets discorded and destroyed finally leaving Mickie alone to get ground down by Eileen’s dragonblade. The bell rings and round 3 goes to China putting them up 2-0.

Undead very rarely saw the front side of any of team Thailand

Game 3 – Round 1

Horizon Lunar Colony

Thailand Attacking, China defending

A bit of a shuffle with the hero choices as uNdeAD opts for the tank killing capabilities of Reaper while KeRLos and Opito go for Ana and 76 respectively. Thailand still know where their biggest threat lies and quickly focus Eileen at the start of their first push. Mickie takes a bunch of damage in return, falling back just in time to save his mech but resulting in some hefty ult charge for China. Thailand manage to get the point to the first checkpoint but the raw damage from uNdeAD is too much for Mickie and Teetawatv3 quickly leaving Thailand tankless and open. NzNr falls and 5King boosts uNdeAD towards the rest of Thailands team clustered near the airlock. They don’t quite manage to pick up any kills but still both manage to make it away looking better off than oPuTo and friends who fall back to their now respawning team. Well, they try at least but Eileen has the hunger and cuts through oPuTo and Pannys, staggering Thailands respawn times and buying some more time for China to hold while building enough ult charge to get his dragonblade to 66%, probably not as much as he was hoping (which will matter very soon). NzNr begins the next push landing a pulse bomb on YaoYao who accepts his fate without using his primal rage. A nanoboost lands on Eileen but he hasn’t quite picked up enough ult charge for the dragonblade. A couple of quick hits allows him to get the last couple of percentage points but it’s too late as he’s quickly burnt down by oPuTo leaving China 2 powerful ultimates down and nothing to show for it. It’s Optuto’s turn now as the tac visor comes out to take down uNdeAD and 5King leaving mg, YaoYao, and Shy to defend. mg goes down while YaoYao is taking a quick nap from KeRLos on the point. Once mg is dealt with Thailand focus on YaoYao but he doesn’t make it easy, going straight into primal rage after his beauty sleep giving them an extra chunk of hp to deal with. He manages to delay enough for China to come back and contest but Thailand are dug in too hard by this point and manage to capture with 5:30 to take point 2.

Thailands first big push on point 2 is all focused on uNdeAD. They know he’s got his death blossom ready and the thought of that spinning hot topic display isn’t something they’re too keen on so Mickie manages to run him down. The rest of Thailand’s forces take too much heat, losing oPuTo, NzNr and Pannys the rest fall back to safety. The next push from Thailand is met with the point of Eileen’s dragonblade. This time the synergy with Shy’s nano boost is there and Eileen slices through KeRLos and oPuTo while the others take care of Teetawatv3 and NzNr. Thailand start their next big push with Teetawatv3 and Mickie diving to the back of the point under the protection of Teetawatv3’s dome. That bubble is soon burst, so to speak, as the shadows coalesce into uNdeAD who catches Teetawatv3 in a death blossom before Mickie is able to deploy his shield. Eileen of course is busy off screen dealing with the rest of Thailand’s attack cutting down NzNr and oPuTo as Thailand have to fall back yet again, the point not yet at the first check mark.

oPuTo decides that 76 isn’t working and swaps back to Sombra with about 3 minutes left on the clock, possibly to help deal with uNdeAD who’s pressure on the two tanks has been keeping Thailand from being able to gain any ground. It looks like it’s working out alrght as uNdeAD is the first to fall to oPuTo’s barrage. It’s time for Eileen to up the numbers and he brings out the dragonblade. It’s quickly responded to by a sound barrier from Pannys while Mickie’s self destruct forces Eileen to be less aggressive than he could have been coming out the other side f his ultimate with no kills to show for it. mg is the lucky recipient of Shy’s nanoboost this time and tries to keep the damage on the 4 members of Thailand’s team currently trying to take the point, safe in the knowledge that his self destruct is ready to buy some time for his respawning teammates. oPuTo isn’t having any of that though, just before the mech is destroyed he gets in a cheeky hack denying any possible ult from mg. This could be a big moment from Thailand as zero suited mg is the only one contesting. He’s punched off the point by Teetawatv3 but still manages to get back and contest (and somehow not die with a little help from Shy) long enough for 5King and uNdeAD to arrive. Thailand were waiting for them though as oPuTo  deals with uNdeAD before he can be too much of a nuisance while NzNr takes 5King out of the air mid beat drop. All of Thailand are still alive but China are not giving an inch with YaoYao leaping around the point slowing their capture progress. 5King comes back with a sound barrier, hoping perhaps to enable uNdeAD for a death blossom but before he gets the chance it’s met with an EMP from oPuTo, cancelling out those funky beats and locking uNdeAD out of his abilities. uNdeAD don’t mind though as he still gets the job done on Teetawatv3 and shifts his attention to Mickie. The EMP wares off and the death blossom comes out forcing Mickie to try and fly back to safety. He’s just not quick enough as he’s ejected from his mech right at the edge of the high ground and left for mg to deal with.

With only 1:40 remaining and only the first tick banked for Thaland they’re all in on their next push with 3 picks very early on in YaoYao, mg, and uNdeAD. With two supports and a dps left to defend Eileen manages to take out KeRLos before he’s shut down himself by NzNr and Thailand bring the point to the second tick. mg is back though and this time manage to avoid a hack from oPuTo to get his ult of which forces Thailand off of the point. As Thailand move back in after the explosion they’re greeted with uNdeAD who sets off his death blossom killing Pannys before Mickie can get his shield up. He takes out Teetawatv3 the old fashioned way and Mickie is forced to retreat, all his defensive capability used up on trying to stop that death blossom. The timing for this is not in Thailand’s favour as they’ve now got 20 seconds to get back and capture. NzNr and Teetawatv3 manage to make it there to set the overtime off and pick up uNdeAD in the process. China are well prepared though and the loss of uNdeAD doesn’t slow them down as a nano boosted Eileen pulls out his dragonblade to take care of Teetawatv3. Pannys goes down to mg as Eileen comes out of his dragonblade hot on NzNr’s tail. A pixel perfect deflect takes down NzNr and he follows up by shurikining (totally a word) through KeRLos and diving on oPuTo. He doesn’t relent long enough for Optuo to get a hack off and manages to shut him down, dashes through Mickie forcing him out of his mech, off of the point, and giving the first round to China with 82% captured by Thailand.



Game 3 – Round 2

Horison Lunar Colony

China Attacking, Thailand Defending

A different approach out of the gates for China sees mg switching from D.va to Hanzo for a quick sonic arrow then over to Widowmaker. The long sight lines to the point allows for an excellent vantage for mg to cover, almost managing to get an early kill on KeRLos but at the very least putting the fear of god into the hearts of Thailand. uNdeAD, back on Tracer, is able to take down Teetawatv3 with the help of discord orbs from Shy who moves it over to Mickie who, even with the biotic grenade from KeRLos, falls quickly to the combined assault of uNdeAD and YaoYao. Perfect discord placement from Shy allows uNdeAD to take out Pannys leaving Thailand with one healer left as the capture progress slowly ticks forward. KeRLos isn’t able to hold on as he’s dropped by a ball to the face from Shy giving the capture to China with a massive 6:54 to take point 2.

mg, still on widow, provides overwatch (heh) while the rest of China dive onto the point for their first big push. NzNr and KeRLos are quickly taken down but Thailand respond by focusing down Eileen before he can position himself for a dragonblade. Shy manages to get off a transcendence to keep the rest of the crew alive while some fancy shooting by uNdeAD sees Teetawatv3 taken down mid air. Knowing a big hack could be coming between support ultimates mg manages to land a killing blow on oPuTo just before 5King drops the beat. The sound barrier isn’t quite enough to save Shy from NzNr’s pulse bomb but is more than enough to allow NzNr and Pannys to be taken out in return. uNdeAD is relentless after finishing Pannys off he blinks behind the barricade into Optuo, now switched to 76, and unloads on him, cutting him down before his biotic field can save him. With another well placed shot from mg onto KeRLos that makes it a team wipe and with that, the final round and and the game goes to China.

China, now undefeated in the first stage of the Overwatch World Cup have secured the first spot at the Blizzcon finals and Thailand, despite an absolutely stellar attempt, will have to go away empty handed. Stay tuned for the play by play of the second big match up of the Shanghai Qualifier – Rouge vs Norway.

Wait France…France vs Norway…

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