Side Quest

Welcome to our brand new podcast! HoopGaming: Side Quest!

Every second Wednesday Kyle and Chris get together with a special guest to talk about interesting gaming news and whatever topic they think they know something about for that particular week.

HoopGaming: Side Quest Episode 6 – I’ve never seen someone do something so well with a monkey!

The Hoop crew are back after a long hiatus as we were at E3! That’s not even a little bit true we’re just super lazy. But we did watch some E3 on youtube so we figure we’re experts now.

We’re joined again by Hoop contributor Stephen Grubner (with a special guest appearance from Sparrow the cat) to talk about all the exciting things from E3 2017 like awkward voice acting, the smash hit platformer Gex, beating up H.P.Lovecraft and many more.

Also, sorry about the crappy sound quality. Chris is an idiot and recorded through the mic on his Mac instead of the mic he spent all his money on specifically for recording podcasts. He’s super fired now.

E3 Recap website

Episode 5 – Rogue State!

We’re back with our reluctant semi regular Courtney to talk about Rogue Likes and procedural generation. Today we learn that none of us know anything about rogue likes, Chris is too dumb for collectable card games, Kyle invents the most interesting game in the world, and we reminisce about the time when game manuals were the size of a good novella.

Episode 4 – Hoopvale Community Radio!

A touch late as Chris was out with the man flu but we’re back to talk about gaming communities with special guest Tama (KingKru)! We touch on topics from how to deal with trolls, what to do when [loud car noise], different types of [is that a helicopter?!], and what it takes to make a strong community. Recorded on location in the middle of a motorway.

Tama’s Stream

Heroes never die Overwatch fan film

Extra Credits on Lifestyle Games

Episode 3 – The Straight to DVD Sequel!

This week Kyle and Chris are joined by Nic (who actually studied games!) to talk about sequels and expansions. We go over how much cooler a video game is than Chris, whip a dead space horse, and discuss a couple of sponsorship ideas.

 Episode 2 – Andromediocre

In this episode Kyle and Chris are joined by Courtney to talk about difficulty in games. This week we fall off the Mass Effect bandwagon, cry about Binding of Isaac, and offer up suggestions for From Software future projects following the closing of the final chapter of one of gaming’s great tales – Club Penguin.

Furi is the game Chris was talking about. You can see an example of the difficulty select screen here.

 Episode 1 – Eponymouse!

For our eponymous episode, Kyle, Chris, and Steve, discuss side quests, Overwatch team chat, fragility in Breath of the wild, what eponymous means, and more.

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